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BuildSystem is a simple but powerful – as the name already says – system for builders, with lots of great features for everyday usage.
Manage worlds in the worlds navigator, change their permission, projects and status with ease.
And not to forget: let each player decide which settings whey think are best for them and now the building can start!

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  • Fancy GUIs
  • 100% customisable messages
  • Customisable scoreboard
  • World navigator
    • Overview of all worlds
    • Extra GUIs for:
      • Not started, In progress, almost finished and finished maps
      • Maps that have been put to the archive
      • Private player maps (each player can create there own map)
        • But only if a map with their name doesn’t exist
  • Create worlds with ease
    • When creating a world, choose from
    • Predefined worlds or
    • Custom templates which you can add yourself
  • Easily manage your worlds
    • Choose from over 6 different statuses for each world
      • from not started, to in progress, over almost finished, continuing to finished, not to forget archive and finally hidden)
      • When in worlds that are set as finished, the player is invisible and can fly in adventure mode, so they can only have a look without breaking anything [bypass: /build]
    • Set the permission you need to join a worlds
    • Change what project each world is for (e.g. “A small BedWars map”)
  • Set the world item so you can spot them faster among other worlds
    • You can choose from all items that are available in Minecraft
  • Import, delete and create worlds with ease
  • New and improved navigator!
    • Not a GUI anymore, but furthermore an interactive navigator
    • But if you rather have a “normal” GUI, the option is there for you to toggle between the
  • Per player settings
  • Building tools
    • Toggle block physics
    • Custom speed
    • Receive player skulls
    • Change the time in a world with only a single command
    • Toggle double slab breaking
    • NoClip
    • Open iron doors and iron trapdoors
    • Night vision
    • Disable interactions with certain blocks


  • /blocks
    • Opens a menu with secret blocks
    • Permission: buildsystem.blocks
  • /build [player]
    • Puts the player into “Build Mode” » bypasses worlds that are set to finished
    • Permission:
  • /buildsystem
    • Overview of all commands
  • /config reload
    • Reload the config
    • Permission: buildsystem.config
  • /explosions [world]
    • Disables explosions in a world
    • Permission: buildsystem.explosions
  • /day [world]
    • Sets the time in a world to daytime
    • Permission:
  • /night [world]
    • Sets the time in a world to nighttime
    • Permission: buildsystem.night
  • /noai [world]
    • Disables entity AIs in a world
    • Permission: buildsystem.noai
  • /physics [world]
    • Toggles block physics in the world you are in
    • Permission: buildsystem.physics
  • /settings
    • Opens a menu with per player settings
    • Permission: buildsystem.settings
  • /skull [player]
    • Receive a player’s skull
    • Permission: buildsystem.skull
  • /spawn [set/remove]
    • Set, remove or teleport to the spawn
    • Permission: buildsystem.spawn (except /spawn)
  • /speed <1-5>
    • Changed a players speed
    • Permission: buildsystem.speed
  • /worlds
    • Opens the navigator GUI
    • For all subcommands use: /worlds help


  • Java 8
  • Spigot 1.8-1.15

« T.O.S. »​

  1. You are not permitted to redistribute or re-upload this plugin in any form
  2. You are not allowed to resell the plugin or post it elsewhere.
  3. Decompilation or modification of this plugin is allowed.
  4. No refunds will be granted under any circumstances
  5. Don’t post “silly” reviews. If you have found a bug or want a feature added: Please send me a PM, but don’t use the review section
  6. I have the rights to change the price of this plugin anytime and as I wish.

Please do not use the review section as a bug report section.
You can happily report them *here* or send me a private message ^-^


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